Film featuring Pluramon soundtrack wins important German “Grimme”-filmprize…congrats!!!   (Disco)

“Die Anwälte”, a film about three very different biographies of three lawyers, involved in the trials around the beginnings of what later became the “Deutscher Herbst”.anwalte001.jpg … »

Pluramon remix Collection of Colonies of Bees   (Disco)

Pluramon just finnished a remix for American 5 piece from Milwaukee and will be released in May for the Japanese edition of their CD “Flocks”. Bees Link

“Time for a Lie” licensed for Colette No.9   (Disco)

… »

New Album “The Monstrous Surplus”   (Disco, Listen)

Release Date : Sept 2007, Karaoke Kalk … »

“Dreams Top Rock”   (Disco, Listen)


Release Date: Nov. 2003. Karaoke Kalk. … »

“Bit Sand Riders”   (Disco, Listen)


Release Date Sept. 2000, Mille Plateaux. … »

“Render Bandits”   (Disco, Listen)


Release Date : May 1998, Mille Plateaux … »

“Pickup Canyon”   (Disco, Listen)


Release Date : June 1996, Mille Plateaux … »

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