THANK YOU LIDO.   (Image, Live)

print_pluramon_bln_080528-img_0310.jpg Visuals by Dextro, Photos by Tristan Thönnissen.  … »

Photos of February tour   (Image, Live)

img_0062.JPG We started our tour in Barcelona at Sala Apolo on a share bill with great band Fovea Hex. On the way to Bercelona only … »

Photos of show at Volksbuehne, Berlin   (Image, Live)

A brief concert featuring Marcus Schmickler, Julia Hummer and Mathias Mauersberger as a part of “Was machen mit dem angebrochenen Jahr”- Revue with Jens Friebe + Band, Neoangin and Dessert Surprise. Volksbühne, Berlin. … »

Tee Shirt and Scarf   (Image)

We are proud to offer some great new T-shirts and scarfs designed by Caroline Melzig-Thiel, who has worked with BLESS and Bernhard Willhelm. The shirts are handmade out of two different sizes, held together with a diagonal band, upon which the lyrics from ‘Fresh Aufhebung’ are printed in gold lettering. The shirts wear really nicely, … »

Pluramon with Julee Cruise at the European Film Festival, Estoril   (Image, Live)


Pluramon was invited to perform with Julee Cruise as part of a David Lynch retrospective. The venue hosting us is the biggest Casino in Europe. Very Lynchian athmosphere, indeed. We had a great time and met amazing people. … »

Concert at ZKM exhibition “Between two Deaths”.   (Image, Live)

pluramon_zkm2.jpgMarcus created the musical program to the exhibition. … »

Photo of Julee and Marcus by Kira Bunse   (Image)


Concert at Fondation Cartier, Paris   (Image, Live)

Due to heavy rain, our open air concert in the beautiful garden of the museum had to be moved inside on the last minute. Although everyone in the team was optimistic about petrusian help, we had to decide between canceling or moving inside, shifting hundreds of kilos of equipment and set up on the original stage of “Eraserhead” film props. Unfortunately, this also meant, that not everyone who already achieved a ticket could get in. Although everyone got reimbursed, yet we’d like to apologize. We’re coming back to Paris. … »

Pluramon in Tokyo and Osaka   (Image, Live)

For a Karaoke Kalk Showcase we flew to Japan and had some extremely nice food. Besides that we were in search of the difference between ‘temple’ and ’shrine’. Also in the showcase: Wechsel Garland , DJ Strobocop and Takeo Toyama and fantastic L?K?O?.marcussushi500.jpg

Dates announced for Oct 2003   (Image, Live, Video)

Oct 11 Caracas
Oct 18 Bogota
Oct 21 Lima
Oct 23 Porto Alegre
Oct 26 Curitiba
Oct 28 Sao Paulo
Nov 3 Buenos Aires … »

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