Pluramon on Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio   (Video)

Video directed by Kira Bunse and Eva Gödel for ninedaughtersandastereo. Showstudio Link. … »

Video-snippet from our concert at “Between two deaths Festival”   (Read, Video)

From the official announcement of the ”Between two deaths” exhibition ath ZKM, Karlsruhe:
From May 12 to August 19, 2007 ZKM | Karlsruhe will present an exhitibion curated by Ellen Blumenstein and Felix Ensslin. It will show a critical artistic reflection on the political, social, and cultural trend toward melancholic retrospection. The effects can be felt everywhere: in the expressions of conservative nostalgia, as well as in the social moods of stagnation, depression and anxiety. Boundless pessismism on the one side, state-ordered or self-help optimism on the other seem to be the general call.In this situation contemporary art is thus read often as an enigmatic answer … »

‘The Big Sellout’   (Video)

No, we’re not selling out….. . Pluramon was asked to do a score for a documentary about the effects of globalisation. The film came to movie-theatres in June 2007 and is finally nominated for the German Film-prize. It was directed by Florian Opitz and produced by the now defunct company Discofilm. Some … »

Dates announced for Oct 2003   (Image, Live, Video)

Oct 11 Caracas
Oct 18 Bogota
Oct 21 Lima
Oct 23 Porto Alegre
Oct 26 Curitiba
Oct 28 Sao Paulo
Nov 3 Buenos Aires … »

Sensorama Remix Video on Youtube   (Video)

Video directed by Heike Sperling and Bettina Herzner, 2002. … »

Video of Remix by Mogwai from ‘Hintergrund’   (Video)

Video directed by Eric Bernaud. Have a look! … »

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