TAZ Interview with Marcus and Julee/ GERMAN   (Read)

Abgrund unter dem Kitsch
Alphorn spielen und für Lynch singen: Das liegt hinter Julee Cruise, die heute in der Volksbühne ihr erstes Konzert gemeinsam mit Marcus Schmickler gibt. Ein Gespräch mit den beiden Perfektionisten

Dates announced for July 2004   (Live)

July 6th Berlin, Volksbühne
July 7th Roskilde, Pavillion
July 8th Malaga, Avant Festival

Dates announced for May 2004   (Live)

11.05 Saarbrücken
12.05. Utrecht
13.05. Hasselt

Date announced for April 2004   (Live)

April 16th Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou

The Church of Me / The Naked Maja Album of the Year 2003   (Read)

PLURAMON Dreams Top RockThis is the recycled future of everything. Julee Cruise returns to my world, and in a very obvious way the spirit of Loveless returns to my world. A great and passionate 39 minutes; disturbing but finally flying above the strings which tether us to the old world. Keith Rowe comes in at the exact point when he’s needed. And, as with my reissue of the year, it was a record which wasn’t just sent to me; I had to go out and get wet to find it. And, as in 1991, I find that actually I don’t want to spoil it by writing yet more words about it; I just want to listen to the music, to love to the music, to live with the music, to return to the way I used to experience music; with an audience of just one other. So, if you don’t mind, I plan to do that for a while.

If you need an explanation, Dreams Top Rock is my album of the year because listening to it is like having my entire life returned to me. … »

“Dreams Top Rock” in The Wire   (Read)

Charms Music Clerk, as Cologne based Marcus Schmickler anagrammatises himself on the credits of this third Pluramon album, should not be so quick to hide his lights under a bushel. Pluramon has always been one of the more unpredictable and interesting projects to stem from the fertile jungle of sounds that has been bred in the furtive community of friends centred around Cologne´s A-Musik and Sonig labels for the past 15 years or so. But this album, the first under the Pluramon banner since 1998´s Render Bandits (not counting it´s remix version album Bit Sand Riders), is just about the best avant pop/noise record to emerge from the independent sector since My Bloody Valentine´s Isn´t Anything. … »

“Dreams Top Rock”   (Disco, Listen)


Release Date: Nov. 2003. Karaoke Kalk. … »

Lima weather.   (Non)

The weeks in Southamerica passed by very quickly and completey changed our picture from the sub-continent. Amazing diversity, great people! The band included Hayden Chisholm (Sax), Hannes Vesper (Bass), Daniel Schroeteler (Drums), Robert Nacken (Mix) and Marcus … »

Dates announced for Oct 2003   (Image, Live, Video)

Oct 11 Caracas
Oct 18 Bogota
Oct 21 Lima
Oct 23 Porto Alegre
Oct 26 Curitiba
Oct 28 Sao Paulo
Nov 3 Buenos Aires … »

Sensorama Remix Video on Youtube   (Video)

Video directed by Heike Sperling and Bettina Herzner, 2002. … »

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