Mastering has been completed by Calyx.   (Non)

and the new album goes into production.

Concert at ZKM exhibition “Between two Deaths”.   (Image, Live)

pluramon_zkm2.jpgMarcus created the musical program to the exhibition. … »

Photo of Julee and Marcus by Kira Bunse   (Image)


Video-snippet from our concert at “Between two deaths Festival”   (Read, Video)

From the official announcement of the ”Between two deaths” exhibition ath ZKM, Karlsruhe:
From May 12 to August 19, 2007 ZKM | Karlsruhe will present an exhitibion curated by Ellen Blumenstein and Felix Ensslin. It will show a critical artistic reflection on the political, social, and cultural trend toward melancholic retrospection. The effects can be felt everywhere: in the expressions of conservative nostalgia, as well as in the social moods of stagnation, depression and anxiety. Boundless pessismism on the one side, state-ordered or self-help optimism on the other seem to be the general call.In this situation contemporary art is thus read often as an enigmatic answer … »

Concert at Fondation Cartier, Paris   (Image, Live)

Due to heavy rain, our open air concert in the beautiful garden of the museum had to be moved inside on the last minute. Although everyone in the team was optimistic about petrusian help, we had to decide between canceling or moving inside, shifting hundreds of kilos of equipment and set up on the original stage of “Eraserhead” film props. Unfortunately, this also meant, that not everyone who already achieved a ticket could get in. Although everyone got reimbursed, yet we’d like to apologize. We’re coming back to Paris. … »

Dates announced for May 2007   (Live)

May 12th Karlsruhe, ZKM
May 13th Köln, Stadtgarten
May 20th Paris, Fondation Cartier

‘The Big Sellout’   (Video)

No, we’re not selling out….. . Pluramon was asked to do a score for a documentary about the effects of globalisation. The film came to movie-theatres in June 2007 and is finally nominated for the German Film-prize. It was directed by Florian Opitz and produced by the now defunct company Discofilm. Some … »

Dates announced for Oct & Nov 2005   (Live)

Oct  05th Madrid, Experimentaclub
Nov 13th Porto, Casa da Musica
Nov 15th Berlin, Maria
Nov 16th Oslo, Blå
Nov 18th Athens, Bios
Nov 19th Antwerp, tba

Dates announced for Feb 2005   (Live)

26.03. Budapest
25.03. Belgrade
23.03. Zagreb
22.03. Vienna
19.03. St.Petersburgh
17.03. Moscow

Pluramon in Tokyo and Osaka   (Image, Live)

For a Karaoke Kalk Showcase we flew to Japan and had some extremely nice food. Besides that we were in search of the difference between ‘temple’ and ’shrine’. Also in the showcase: Wechsel Garland , DJ Strobocop and Takeo Toyama and fantastic L?K?O?.marcussushi500.jpg

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